Have you ever thought about wearing contact lenses, or do you know someone else that may be interested?
Imagine the freedom from spectacles when engaged in your favourite hobby or sport. No more spectacles slipping down your nose or steaming up. How about complimenting your outfit for that special occasion with contact lenses?
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There are lenses available to correct both distance and reading prescriptions, astigmatism correction and bifocal/varifocal contact lenses. There are also lenses available to change the colour of your eyes. Age is no barrier. Contact lenses can offer great flexibility to lifestyle. How often you wear them is up to you.

We can offer you a full range of contact lenses including soft ones that are worn just once or kept for either two weeks or one month – you can even sleep in some of them! Why not contact us and arrange
a free, no obligation trial*. Our professional and friendly staff will assess your suitability for lenses and give you all the necessary guidance and training required to become a successful contact lens wearer. Our fully inclusive monthly contact lens package starts from just £13.00 per month or daily disposable from as little as £1.00 per day.

We are also an approved Orthokeratology practice. This advanced treatment allows vision correction that is a reversible alternative to laser eye surgery.
It utilises a specially designed contact lens that gently reshapes the cornea overnight, leaving you free from contact lenses or spectacles all day long. If you discontinue the lens wear, your eyes just return to their previous prescription.

Here at Parley Optometrists you can be assured of a first-class contact lens fitting service. The only stipulation is that your current eye examination is within the past six months – otherwise you will require an up to date examination.
What are you waiting for? Contact lenses are more accessible than you ever imagined.
* Eye examination and eye examination fee of £30.00 may be applicable before the free contact lens trial, or we can work to a spectacle prescription that is no more than six months old from elsewhere.